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Metroid Cubed is a mod for minecraft created to combine the best of both universes!! This wiki is still incomplete and being enhanced on a regular basis!

NOTICE: This wiki is for the Metroid Cubed, NOT the sequel Metroid Cubed 2. To avoid confusion, articles and information about Metroid Cubed 2 should NOT be added to this wiki. Metroid Cubed 2 should get its own wiki as it is a separate entity to the first version and has little PIE PIE PIE IS cooL


This mod adds everything from Power Suits, to Beams, and even Powerups! A full list of items, recepies, and descriptions is available here!

Youtube channel

Thanks to one of the wikia contributor: LinkMaster67 who decided to make an official YouTube channel for the wiki: MetroidCubedYT. Don't forget to subscribed for make the wiki and the mod more popular.

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